Key Features of Blue Mill Meadows Mini Jerseys

Classic old-world mini Jerseys

Our miniature Jerseys draw from the classic Ralph Martin and Riverview lines.


Most of our miniature Jersey cows and all of our bulls have the A2A2 gene. Recent studies indicate that milk from A2A2 cows may be healthier.

New Zealand genetics - proven grazing efficiency

We have selected short-statured New Zealnd sires for our miniature Jersey herd since 2012.  New Zealand’s dairies have been pasture-based for decades and their Jersey sires offer many advantages.

Raised on pasture 

Our miniature Jerseys are on pasture all day year round. Studies show that milk from pastured animals has higher amounts of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Raised by their dam 

Our miniature Jersey calves are reared by their dams and stay with the herd. Heifers and bull calves fed and raised by their dams gain physical and social benefits.     Read more

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Long term benefits include higher milk production in first lactation for heifers and in some studies, improvements in fertility and logevity for both the suckled calves and the nursing cows.

Dam-reared calves have shown increased cognitive and learning behaviors.

Economic benefits

These small, thrifty cows offer economic advantages.  Read more  

Gentle and friendly

Miniature Jersey cows are noted for their friendliness, but even miniature Jersey bulls are easy to handle and enjoyable to be with.

Better cheese quality and yield

Our miniature Jersey cows and bulls have the Kappa Casein B variant and BB genotype which are associated with increased  cheese yield. Some of our sire lines have been noted for high fat and protein which also improves cheese quality.

two miniature jersey cows in pasture with mountains

Our Story

Inspired by the writings of Wendell Berry and wanting to raise our three sons on a farm in a rural community, we left Houston and bought a small farm in a remote community in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee.

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Meet the Mini Jersey Cows

mini jersey cow, Molly, in pasturemini jersey cow, Pearl, in pasture
mini jersey cow, Gingersnap, in pasturemini jersey heifer, Ruby, in pasture
mini jersey cow, May, in pastureEdenmini jersey heifer, Eden, in pasture
mini jersey cow, Clara, in pasturemini jersey heifer, Topaz, in pasture

Meet the Mini Jersey Bulls

mini Jersey bull, Goldstar, in pasturemini Jersey bull, Lucius, in pasture
mini Jersey bull, Rudy, in pasturemini Jersey bull, Julius, in pasture