Blue Mill Meadows Semen

We have semen from three A2A2 miniature Jersey bulls. Titus and Maximus were just under 40” at maturity. Titus and Maximus are heterozygous polled. Rupert was 41.5” when sold at 26 months and is dehorned. 

Titus, has pure miniature Jersey genetics. Maximus has miniature Jersey genetics plus New Zealand Jersey genetics through his grandsire, Hawthorne Grove Zeus. Rupert has miniature Jersey genetics plus New Zealand Jersey genetics through his sire, Donalds Edify. Read more about New Zealand Jerseys
Semen is available at $50 per straw for Titus and Maximus and $35 per straw for Rupert.


A2A2, Heterozygous polled, BB/BB

  • miniature jersey heifer, Ruthie, standing in pasture
    Birthdate - Oct 16, 2016
    Height - 39” at 20 months
    Heterozygous poll
    Kappa Casein BB
    Beta Lactoglobulin BB
DC Taylor’s Alpha
Bedrocks Reno
Meadow Beauty Fancy
Riverview Gene
Valley Magister Dolly

Titus is a wonderful bull that was born and raised with his dam, Molly, at Blue Mill Meadows.  

 Titus' sire, DC Taylor’s Alpha, was raised at Dexter Corner farm and then sold to Barker Taylor in Virginia. Alpha’s sire is Bedrocks Reno and his dam is Meadow Beauty’s Fancy.

Titus sired two calves, Lucius and Topaz, at Blue Mill Meadows before he was sold to Hidden Cattle Cove farm in Dunlap, TN in 2017. Titus has sired several calves at his new home.

Calves sired at Blue Mill Meadows


Calves sired at Hidden Cattle Cove farm


A2A2, heterozygous polled, BB/BB
New Zealand genetics

  • Birthdate - April 22, 2016
    Height - 39” at 22 months
    Heterozygous polled
    Kappa Casein BB
    Beta lactoglobulin BB
Bedrocks Reno
Meadow Beauty Fancy
Riverview Gene
Valley Magister Dolly

Maximus was raised with his dam, May, at Blue Mill Meadows. Like Titus, his sire is DC Taylor’s Alpha. His dam, May, is a daughter of the New Zealand bull, Hawthorne Grove Zeus.
Read more about New Zealnd sires 
Read more about Zeus  

All New Zealand sires offer exceptional fertility and longevity. Because of the New Zealand market reimbursement based on milk solids rather than liquid milk as in the U.S., New Zealand sires have high fat and protein percentages. N.Z sires have been bred to produce cows that thrive in pasture-based systems for decades. (close)

Hawthorne Grove Zeus is a very popular New Zealand sire.Hawthorne Grove Zeus’ daughters are small in stature relative to other NZ Jersey cows who are shorter than American Jerseys.His daughters have an average of 5.7% fat. His daughters are noted for being capacious (rather than frail) and having excellent udder and dairy conformation.

Maximus was sold in 2018 as a herdsire for a farm in Illinois.
Maximus has sired two heifers at Blue Mill Meadows, Opal and Amethyst.



A2A2 miniature bull, BB/BB
New Zealand sire

  • miniature Jersey bull, Julius, standing in pasture
  • Birthdate - March 27, 2017
    Height - 44”
    Kappa Casein BB
    Beta Lactoglobulin AB
Riverview Gene
Valley Magister Dolly

Rupert was raised with his dam at Blue Mill Meadows.Rupert has sired three heifers, Ruthie, Ruby and Eden, and two bulls, Rudy and Julius at Blue Mill Meadows